Select Fill Dirt

Best used for back filling and under building pads. Our select fill dirt has not been screened and consists of clay and sand mix.

Screened Top Soil

Screened topsoil is commonly used in landscaping and lawn management applications. This popular material is screened to one inch and is dark brown in color.

Most applications for screened topsoil involve landscaping and lawn care. Common uses include:

  • Leveling Yards
  • Grass or sod installations
  • Planting shrubs
  • Filling raised planter beds
  • Building berms
  • General landscaping use

Common Fill Dirt

Our basic fill-dirt for those projects where cost is the primary factor. Unscreened clay fill-dirt, with varied colors, and some sandstone content. Perfect for back filling ditches, holes, and retaining walls; as well as filling old swimming pools and non-planting areas.