Decomposed granite

Decomposed Granite

Commonly used for bike trails, pathways, landscapes, driveways and other durable features. This material is screened to 5/8″.

Crushed Granite

Angular stone common in drainage, septic systems, pipe embedding, and driveways. Crushed Granite is gray in color and comes in a variety of sizes.

Crushed granite (and our other granite aggregates) are crushed hard rock composed of a granular structure known for solidity, low flake levels, and frost resistance. Common uses include surface pathways, septic systems, driveways, pipe embedding, and drainage.

Landscapers use Crushed Granite to create a rustic, natural look. Like many crushed materials, crushed granite is perfect for projects that cover a large area due to low cost. Perfect for rustic garden trails with muted color shades and a satisfying crunch when walked on.