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Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel is a common type of gravel used in landscaping, pathways, recreational applications, and much more.

Common Uses for Pea Gravel

Garden Landscaping Projects

Installation of gravel is beneficial in ornamental, adding the finishing touch to your refined outdoor space. After weed blocking fabric or plastic is applied, six inches of pea gravel forms a solid, aesthetically pleasing landscape which lill look great for years to come.

Driveways and Walkways

Muddy or rough pathways can be improved through the use of pea gravel. Durable enough to use in a driveway and keep your car out of the mud, and with a satisfying feel and sound on walking paths. Driveways are typically set at least 6 inches deep, walkways vary between 4 and 6 inches in depth.


Pea gravel is perfect for playsets - the gaps between the stones allow water to drain quickly and provide a dry place to play very quickly after a rainy day. Gravel doesn't contain fragments of metal or heat up like rubber based mulches, and can last for several years.

Aquatic Uses

Pea gravel is also commonly used as a base in aquatic features from aquariums to fountains, ponds, and in ground pools. The small rounded stones are a popular addition to cover and conceal plain concrete.

Getting Pea Gravel in Bulk

Lowery Sand & Gravel specializes in the bulk delivery of materials like pea gravel to homeowners, contractors, landscapers, aquarists, and other specialists throughout the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area. Delivery is more economical than bagged materials and allows us to personally service and support our clients. 

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