Q: Do you have same-day delivery?
A: We offer fast same-day service, in most cases, when your order is received by noon. If same-day service is not available, we will provide service by the following day.

Q: Do you accept all major credit cards?
A: Yes, but there will be a 3% surcharge applied to the total sale.

Q: Can I come and pick up Material at your location?
A: No, we are a bulk delivery service, and only deliver our materials from the wholesale source directly to you. Materials are not available at our office.

Q: How much is a Cubic Yard, and how do I know how much I need?
A: A Cubic Yard has a dimension of 3ft height x 3ft width x 3ft length. Refer to this Calculator and enter your measurements.

Q: Do you deliver to homeowners?
A: Yes, we specialize in residential deliveries.

Q: How wide is a dump truck, and can it get through the opening in my fence/gate?
The average Tandem Dump Truck is 10 foot wide, so this is the minimum width we can pass through. We cannot dump over a fence, as it will do severe damage.

Q: Are deliveries affected by inclement weather?
A: Yes, in most cases your load will not be on schedule. Please understand that bad conditions will have to clear up before a Truck will be dispatched .

Q: What size loads will you deliver?
A: We will deliver any size load; however, many materials have a minimum purchase. Contact Us for specific information.

Q: Do you sell bagged materials?
A: In our efforts to provide the lowest possible pricing, we deal only in bulk materials. No materials are offered in bagged format, or for pickup; this allows us to provide pricing lower than you will find at the big box stores.